Did she ever read it? The pages inside contain my cold, beautiful love story. Filled with Music and Art to dance around under the moon and stars with. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't. But why can't I love her anymore?

in a circle
in a circle
in a circle

Dancing in a circle made me wish I did things differently.

No better way to start than one foot over the other. An experience that would set the tone for the rest of this story had begun the moment I flew across the country. Losing everything made me want nothing.

I created this idea in June of 2021. At the worst time of my life, working a dead end job selling printers, in the aftermath of taking the biggest risk of my life and losing everything. I chased what I wanted and learned I wasn’t ready for it. Going back to square one of dreaming for something more all I wanted to do was create an idea that everyone could be a part of. Where you can be exactly who you want to be. It didn’t take long to find people who wanted the same thing and together we made our dreams come to life. Over the course of the summer and fall I created a love story too cold to tell alone. Everyone had their own tragedy to write. So we put our thoughts and feelings into what we call PRINTER. The embodiment of pure honest and hopeless romanticism. It all means something to someone. Whoever we dedicated our tears to. PRINTER is all about you. This story has always been about you. The Cabin Fest 2022 Festival gave me something I didn't realize I needed all along. A pen with black ink.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to give a shit about me. Now I can finally be me.

Sarah Leone

Aka Lora Less
Aka Elizabeth
Aka Two dresses